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Busting Incontinence Myths

Incontinence is a common, but embarrassing & lonely condition. Incontinence is rarely discussed openly, and can make people feel ashamed and isolated. Many people plan their trips around access to bathrooms, avoid social gatherings, and resort to wearing diapers to live a normal life. There are so many myths surrounding incontinence that may people feel like there are no questions to ask, or any other way to manage.

Today, we’re busting some of the most common myths about incontinence, which we hope will inspire you to seek treatment and take back control of your health!

Myth #1: Incontinence is a given of motherhood

We’ve all heard the jokes – once you have kids, every laugh, skip, or sneeze is accompanied by a leak. It’s become such a prevalent idea that many women assume that this is simply what happens after childbirth, and that it is a normal part of motherhood. However, this is not true! Incontinence can be remedied, either through exercises and lifestyle change, or through an easy surgery. You are not destined to suffer with incontinence for the rest of your life simply because you are a mom – you have options for health and wellbeing!

Myth #2: I Have To Wear Diapers For The Rest Of My Life

Sadly, one of the most common myths around incontinence is that the only way to manage it long term, is to resort to wearing adult diapers. Not only is this expensive to maintain, but it’s a major hit to any adult’s self esteem. Wearing diapers, even the ‘fancy’ ones promoted by Real Housewives or celebrities, is not a solution, but a band-aid to a much larger issue. By normalizing the use of diapers (which we guarantee you, those celebrities don’t actually use!), many individuals delay seeking real treatment and solutions for their incontinence. 

Myth #3: Incontinence Isn’t A Big Deal

While incontinence is common, it doesn’t mean that it isn’t a serious medical condition. If left untreated, incontinence can cause issues with hygiene, infections, and other related pelvic conditions. Incontinence is treatable in most cases, and the impact that it has on an individual’s life outweighs the risk or inconvenience of treating the root cause of the incontinence. From loss of intimacy with partners, isolation, and embarrassment, you owe it to yourself to seek treatment for this condition!

Myth #4: There’s Nothing That Can Be Done About Incontinence

For so many people, incontinence has just been accepted as a fact of life. Whether your incontinence is a result of pregnancy, injury, age, or any other reason – there ARE options for treatment and prevention! By speaking to your healthcare provider, you’ll be able to explore options that are best for you and unique to your individual condition. There is hope for a life beyond diapers, bathroom emergencies, and hiding your condition!

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We hope that by shining light on these myths and sharing the truth about incontinence, you are empowered to seek the healthcare you need to address incontinence, and embrace a life of freedom and wellbeing!

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