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Is it common to develop a fistula after having a Hysterectomy?

Question: After a total hysterectomy with bilateral salpingectomy, is it common to get perianal or vaginal fistula? Answer from Dr. Daniel Gruber, urogynecologist from Sibley Memorial Hospital in Washington D.C., ...

What can be done to help relieve Pelvic Pain & Pudendal Neuralgia

Question: I’ve been suffering with high tone pelvic floor dysfunction and pudendal neuralgia for three years now. I’ve tried so many oral medications, as well as vaginal suppositories, and trigger ...


The Complete Guide To Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy
If you were experiencing sore legs or tight muscles in your back, a physical ...
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Is Heavy Lifting Safe For Your Pelvic Floor?
There are several risk factors for pelvic floor disorders that you have no control ...
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Mental Health

Anxiety & Pelvic Pain - How They Are Connected & Treatment Options

There’s no doubt that the pandemic has added lots of stress to everyone’s life. And sadly, there’s also no doubt that many women experience pelvic pain, since the condition affects ...

Pelvic Floor Dysfunction - Why Women Are Suffering In Silence

Pelvic floor disorders like incontinence, endometriosis and organ prolapse are common conditions that affect millions of women across the world. Although many of these conditions can be treated and improved, ...


The Relationship Between Pelvic Pain & Sleep
Between 15-20% of women will experience chronic pelvic pain, which is pain that has ...
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Everything You Need To Know About Painful Periods
When adolescent women are taught about getting their period, one of the first things ...
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