About Us

Who We Are

Since launching in 2016, the people behind the Pelvic Awareness Project have been working to meet our goal of helping more than one million women with pelvic floor disorders by 2025.

To do this, we have collaborated with critical partners, including healthcare providers, educators, and organizations, each of whom brings unique value to our initiative to educate, treat, and provide pelvic health resources.

Our Vision

To create a world where all women have access to pelvic health education and care.

Our Mission

The Pelvic Awareness Project was developed to empower women across the globe who struggle with pelvic floor disorders. Our mission is to ensure that each woman has the tools she needs to maintain and improve her pelvic health and receives the information she needs to pursue the therapeutic treatment options that are best for her.

Our Global Reach

Working around the globe to provide treatment and education to women, with the goal of reaching one million women by 2025.

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Partner With Us

Our goal is to enable more than one million women worldwide to receive the pelvic floor disorder health information and treatment they need by the year twenty twenty-five.

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