The Best Yoga Exercises To Support Your Core and Pelvic Floor

Women have specific health needs, and can take specific steps to look after those needs. Pelvic floor health is one example. The pelvic floor muscles are important enough that it’s ...

Yoga & The Pelvic Floor

If you’ve spent any amount of time exercising or even just reading women’s magazines, you’ve doubtlessly heard about how important it is to strengthen your ‘core’ – ie, your abs ...

The Complete Guide To Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy

If you were experiencing sore legs or tight muscles in your back, a physical therapist would probably be the first person you called. But many people who are experiencing pelvic ...

Is Heavy Lifting Safe For Your Pelvic Floor?

There are several risk factors for pelvic floor disorders that you have no control over, such as genetics, age, and whether or not you’ve given birth vaginally. But lifestyle also ...

Tampons & Pelvic Floor Exercises: Is It Safe?

We all know that exercise is essential to a healthy body, and that’s definitely true when it comes to your pelvic floor. Women who start exercising this part of their ...

Kegels and Pelvic Floor Exercises - How to Maintain Your Pelvic Floor Muscles

For women, your pelvic floor includes three main organs: the uterus (stores eggs for reproduction); bladder (stores urine before peeing); and the rectum (stores feces before elimination). Normally, these organs ...

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