Self Care


5 Great, Inspiring Beach Reads 

Summer is a favorite time for a vacation at the beach, which calls for a good beach read to make your holiday complete.  What is a beach read? The popular ...

Self Care Won't Cure Your Burnout (But This Will)

If you’re feeling tired and overwhelmed, and maybe even incompetent, you may be suffering from burnout. Feeling stressed at work is common, but when it gets worse or persists, it ...

How To Detoxify Your Life

Spring is here! Or if it hasn’t quite sprung where you live yet, we bet you’re still feeling that Spring Cleaning urge. Something about the snow melting and the days ...

Physical & Mental Health Benefits of Journaling

Dear Diary: I haven’t written in you since I was 12 years old, and I’m not sure if I should start? When was the last time you put pen to ...

Don't Shame Yourself Out of Self Care

You know the drill. When the air masks drop down, you’re supposed to put on your own mask first, before you put on anyone else’s. We accept the logic here: ...

Quick Self-Care Activities That You Can Do Anywhere

Finding self-care activities you enjoy is an important part of staying mentally, emotionally, and physically healthy. While you’ve probably been reminded of the importance of self-care a million times, when ...

7 Self-Care Tips for Busy Professionals

When you’re scrambling to find enough hours in the day for work alone, setting time aside for self-care tends to be the last thing on our minds. Practising self-care is ...

Why Self-Care Is Important

We live in a very busy world, and it has never been easier to feel overwhelmed or overstimulated by your environment and daily routine. Because of this, self-care has become ...

5 Self-Care Tips For Parents

If you’re a parent, you know what it means to feel exhausted and depleted. Many parents often say they don’t have time for self-care. Our advice is: FIND THE TIME! ...

The Fallout of Incontinence - Why Seeking Help is Self Care

For many people, incontinence has been accepted as a fact of life. From young moms to women over the age of 75, incontinence can be minimized as a fact of ...

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