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What can I do if I have a short interval between periods?

Question: I am seeing that a period after 15 days isn’t normal. What can I do?

Answer from Dr. Daniel Gruber, urogynecologist from Sibley Memorial Hospital in Washington D.C., part of John Hopkins medicine.

Well, the question is very variable. I would definitely recommend seeing your general OB/GYN – you don’t need to see a urogynecologist or someone who specializes in pelvic floor issues for this kind of thing. 

This is a very common issue, and it’s not always necessarily a bad thing. There can be lots of different reasons for long periods, such as your anatomy, amount of stress, or hormones. 

If your period is coming sooner and it happens for one or two cycles, and then it goes back to normal where it’s coming every month or so, then there’s not really much to do in most cases. If it’s something that’s persistent, then you definitely want to see your doctor about it. 

There’s lots of different treatments that you can discuss with your doctor, whether that’s medicine or intrauterine devices, which are excellent.

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