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Gynecologist (MIGS)





Active medical license

Retired Physicians (Humanitarian Trips)

Volunteer Medical License


Minimum of three years relevant professional experience post training.

Join Us On A Trip

Join Us On A Trip

The Pelvic Awareness Project funds physician partners to travel around the globe to treat and educate patients as well as providing critical training to local physicians. With the support of our partners in care we have been able to reach over 100,000 women in the last three years.

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Request Product Donation

As part of our outreach, PAP provides an opportunity for physicians and organizations to request product donations. These donations include medical supplies as well as devices, implants, instruments, etc. Requests must be received no later than 4-6 weeks prior to date the item is needed.

To be considered for a product donation, please click below.

Please note, All product donations are at the discretion of PAP. A request for product donation does not guarantee approval. Products are selected by PAP based on availability.

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Treat One, Reach One (TORO)

We recognize there is often not enough time away from your practice to do desired outreach. Through one of our Treat One Reach One (TORO) partners, you have the opportunity to reach one patient for every pelvic floor patient treated in your practice. If you are interested in becoming a physician partner please click below.

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What our partners are saying:

  • “I volunteered last May on a trip to Kenya working for 2 months helping women with Pelvic Health issues. The experience was so impactful for both the community in which I served and myself. Ever since my experience, I now go every year to Africa to help those in need.”
  • “The trip was very productive. I was able to perform 10 procedures in the short time I was there and trained 16 urologists and gynecologists at Al Awda Hospital. The people at Al Ahli Hospital couldn’t believe it when I walked in with the donated devices as they didn’t expect anything. Your donations made a huge difference in the lives of many women. Thank you again for your help.”
  • “Thank you so much for the generous donation. The experience was extremely rewarding and because of the contribution, I truly felt I was able to affect the lives of many women that would otherwise have no access to this surgery and suffer with incontinence.”

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