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Anxiety & Pelvic Pain - How They Are Connected & Treatment Options

There’s no doubt that the pandemic has added lots of stress to everyone’s life. And sadly, there’s also no doubt that many women experience pelvic pain, since the condition affects ...

Is Heavy Lifting Safe For Your Pelvic Floor?

There are several risk factors for pelvic floor disorders that you have no control over, such as genetics, age, and whether or not you’ve given birth vaginally. But lifestyle also ...

Endometriosis Explained

Endometriosis is a condition that impacts over 6.5 million women in the US alone, but it can still feel mysterious and hard to diagnose. Our team of medical experts are ...

What You Should Know About UTIs

As women, there are three infections that are more common for us than men: urinary tract Infections (UTIs), yeast Infections and human papillomavirus (HPV). Today, let’s talk about urinary tract ...

Let's Talk About Polyps and Fibroids

Learning that you may have polyps or fibroids can feel a little scary. Unknown growths tend to take our minds to the worst possible scenarios. We hope to dispel some ...

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